Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships also known as LExS. This scholarship is provided by Leiden University. One of the top-ranking universities in the Netherlands. Worldwide, Leiden University is in 77th place (2022-2023).

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is designed to attract talented international students. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit to non-EEA/non-EFTA students. Who is enrolling in full-time master’s degree programs in various disciplines at Leiden University.

Benefits of Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

  • Financial Support: The main benefit of the Scholarships is financial support. It covers a significant portion of the tuition fee, so students do not have to pay the full tuition fee. Thereby reducing the cost of tuition and making it more affordable for students to pursue their master’s master’s degree.
  • High-Quality Education: Leiden University is known for its high-quality education. By accepting this scholarship, students will get the opportunity to receive a world-class education.
  • Diverse Academic Fields: This scholarship is available for a wide range of Masters programs. This gives freedom to students to choose their field of study. According to their academic and career goals.
  • Research Opportunities: Leiden University has advanced laboratories and top researchers. As a result, students will get an opportunity to conduct world-class research.

Overview of Scholarships

Scholarship Type :Tuition Fee Waiver
Offered by :Leiden University
Host Country :Netherlands
Study Level :Master’s
Study Duration :2 years 
Country of Origin :International students from outside the EFTA/EEA.
Scholarship Worth :Variable, minimum €10,000 and maximum full tuition fees

Field of Study

Any full-time Masters programs at Leiden University with the exception of :

  • Leiden Law School’s LLM (non-advanced) and MSc programs.
  • Study programs start in February at the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Sciences, and Leiden Law School.

Categories of scholarship awards

The Leiden University Scholarships programs are conducted on a yearly basis. There are three categories of awards:

  • € 10,000 of the tuition fee.
  • € 15,000 of the tuition fee.
  • Total tuition fee minus the statutory tuition fee.

This Scholarship is not a fully funded scholarship for non-EEA recipients. Non-EEA LExS recipients must still submit ‘proof of sufficient funds’. For their student visa/residence permit application. This additional financial documentation verifies the student’s ability. To cover their study and living expenses in the Netherlands.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible for Leiden University excellence scholarships, applicants must meet some specific criteria:

Academic Performance

Students must have achieved excellent academic results in their previous study programs. Which must be relevant to the Master’s program for which they are applying. As an indication, the student should be among the top 10% of graduates in their previous study program. Note that proof of ranking is not required. This information is provided purely to indicate the level of competitiveness.


Scholarships are primarily available to students from outside the EFTA/EEA. Exceptionally, there are no nationality restrictions for students applying to the

  • All LLM Advanced Studies programs.
  • MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy.

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Application Process

First, you need to complete the online application process for admission to the Master’s programs at Leiden University. Once the admission application process is completed. You will be eligible to apply for the Scholarships. After that, you should click on the ‘Scholarships’ option. And the ‘Scholarships application form’ will open. You need to provide all the required information. Upload a PDF file of your motivation letter, which should not exceed 500 words. Then carefully check all the information provided. Because after submitting the application form, you cannot change it. If everything is fine then submit the application form.


  • 1 February for programs starting in September.
  • 1 October for programs starting February.


If you want to study in the Netherlands. Applying for the Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LExS Scholarships) can be a significant advantage. Leiden University is one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. So it can be said that by applying for LExS Scholarships you can achieve two goals with one effort. To learn more about these Scholarships, please visit the official website of Scholarships.



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